What Is Wild Soul Movement?

Are you curious about what Wild Soul Movement actually is? I explain what happens during class in detail.

What Is Wild Soul Movement

Hi, I’m Nicole C. Ayers, and I want to tell you about Wild Soul Movement today. You probably have heard me talk about Wild Soul Movement online, or you received my newsletter invite to show up for class. And you’re like, what is Wild Soul Movement? Let me tell you, Wild Soul Movement is a practice that I found around the same time I began journaling love notes to my body. And the two practices combined were rocket fuel for my healing.

And I don’t say that with hyperbole or exaggeration. I truly could not have anticipated how powerful those two practices would be in my healing journey and how well they married together to let me do the healing work I needed to do to release things, to invite new things.

It’s incredibly powerful. And that’s actually why I decided to become a Wild Soul teacher. I’m all about you making peace with your body. And I know that this is a powerful healing tool. So I wanted to be able to offer that to folks who show up in my space.

So let me tell you what a typical class looks like. And then I’ll break it down a little bit farther.

Classes happen virtually for the most part. I have a few local, in-person classes, but my regular membership folks, we are meeting online. I, you, we use Google meets. You get to decide whether or not to have your camera on always because it’s a practice for you. So if having your camera off makes you more comfortable, you’re always welcome to do that.

And then we show up for practice just wearing comfortable clothes. They can be yoga clothes; they could be workout clothes. They could be what you wear to work as long as you can move in it. And it’s comfortable.

I practice on the floor. I roll out a yoga mat and practice on the floor, but you can practice from a chair. And I always invite folks to grab a blanket, grab a pillow, grab anything you need that will make you more comfortable and feel really nourished while you’re practicing. And that’s really all you need.

You can have water if you need it or want it. Um, you may want a journal for the end of our class, but let’s talk about like what a typical class layout looks like.

So to start everybody’s, you know, I always give you a couple of minutes, to come in, to get in, logged in, get everybody settled. We check in with each other and then we sit and we start to breathe and we spend just a couple of minutes breathing, getting any last minute wiggles out, and just checking in with ourselves: what do we need? How are we feeling? Where’s our energy ? You know, just what’s going on with you and your body in the moment.

And then I introduce a mantra, and we’ll use the mantra throughout the rest of the movement practice. And this is something I say out loud. It’s an affirmation. And you can say it out loud with me. You can say it quietly, or say it even in your mind, or you can just listen and let me say it and let it wash over you.

And then we begin to move. And after we’ve moved for a little while, then we have a resting period where we’re just letting our body integrate all that shifted while we were practicing.

And then I pull us back together to close the class out, and I will play a song. And you’re invited at that point to journal. If you love to journal and you want to think about what has come up for you, or if you just want to sit in silence, whatever is comfortable for you. And then we close it out. I give everyone an opportunity to be witnessed, to share anything that they want to share.

And then I send you off with a big hug, like this. Wrap yourself up and go on with love. And that’s the basic formation of the class.

So I want to break down the breath and the movement and the mantra just a little bit more. So our breathing is central to the practice, but it’s not a class where you have to breathe in a specific way.

I just invite you to always remember, come back to your breath, just breathe in, breathe out. That’s all you have to do. And in fact, you don’t even really have to do it. Your body will automatically breathe for you.

As far as the movement goes, you will be familiar with probably a lot of the movements that we do.

It’s a lot of stretching. It is just some basic exercises. Sometimes we incorporate yoga poses, but it’s just getting into our joints and our muscles and our bodies, and just really connecting with our body and then moving it so that we can not only move our bodies, but we can move our emotions around.

We can move our feelings, things that are ready to be released. Because it is a practice of release. I always tell folks, don’t be surprised if a, if a feeling shows up that you weren’t expecting, or even physically like your eyes might water, your nose might run, your belly might grumble, or you might even toot. Like, it is truly a class of release.

Sometimes you can know what you’re letting go of. And sometimes your body’s just wise and lets go of whatever’s ready to move on. So the movement, you’re probably not going to sweat in a Wild Soul Movement class, unless, I mean, you may, but, but this isn’t really meant to be an exercise regimen.

It is more a moving meditation. It is a time to get quiet in your mind and be in your body so that you can hear your body’s wisdom.

And then the mantra. We have four main pillars in Wild Soul Movement: surrender and release, trust and receptivity, wild dreaming and desire. And love and truth. And so our mantra always comes from one of those pillars. A perennial favorite Wild Soul Movement mantra is “Less control. More Magic.” That’s one that people always love, and it is just really indicative of what happens when you practice regularly, which is magic.

Truly, with consistent practice, you find more ease in your body. You find more ease in your mind. You find more connection between your mind and your body. It is a powerful, powerful embodiment practice.

And I would love for you to join me.

The last thing I’ll say is about the name Wild Soul. It’s about liberating your truest part. Your precious wild soul that is housed in this vessel of a body that we are walking around the Earth in.

So I would love for you to join me. I do a community class. It is open to all women. I should say that too. This is a class for all women. But we do that once a month. The first Sunday of every month, you can join me for a free class just to try it out.

But I’ll tell you if you’re really curious and want to try it out and that class as far away, just get in touch with me. Send me a DM. Send me an email, and I’ll get you into a class.

If you love it, I do have a membership. You can go to buymeacoffee.com/nicolecayers. And you can join my membership. We practice two to three times a week, and it’s a really beautiful little community that shows up to practice together.

And the membership is tiered. It’s a sliding scale tier. You have three options and you just choose the one that fits your budget. Everybody gets the same, um, experience, just you choose what fits your budget. So the most least expensive tier is 22. The middle tier is 44, and the highest tier is 77. And that helps me support more of getting the work of making peace with our bodies out into the world.

So that is Wild Soul Movement. If you have a question I didn’t answer, get in touch and I’ll be glad to tell you more about it. Take care.