Make the Health Appointment

Make that appointment you’ve been putting off. You’re worth it. Your body is worth it.

Hello, I’m Nicole C. Ayers, and I teach folks how to make peace with their bodies.

Today I wanna encourage you to do one thing to care for your body, and that’s to make the appointment.

That’s right. That appointment that you’ve been putting off: that well- check visit, that mammogram, that colonoscopy, that dental visit, the follow up with your specialist, or calling your Ayurvedic practitioner, or whoever your caretakers are.

You are worth it. Your body is worth being taken care of.

So I know that the medical field has not always taken good care of some folks. But there are lots of great physicians out there. There are lots of great dentists and other practitioners [00:01:00] who love people and who want to take care of you.

So maybe you have to search around to find a great person to work with. You are worth the time to find a person.

You know, maybe money is a barrier, or insurance is a barrier, but there are community clinics and other local resources.

So please consider taking good care of yourself. Don’t hold off on those appointments that could be lifesaving or could just make you feel better just because you’ve got some reassurance that everything’s A-OK.

So if you need a buddy, let me know. I’m happy to be your accountability partner. If there is a hard appointment you need to make that you’ve been putting off,. Send me an email at And I’ve got your back. I’ll help you make it happen.

Take good care.