Make peace with your body to amplify your power. 

Women, just like you, are conditioned from birth to believe that their bodies must fit into an ever-shifting ideal if they want to experience romantic love, career success, and a happy life. Then, when you struggle to achieve or maintain the unattainable “perfect” body, you’re told to shame yourself, as if you’re the problem. Even when you have a so-called ideal body, you’re still not safe from others’ judgments. 

But you can break up with the nastygram narrative that tells you that you—and your body—are unworthy just as you are. Your worth can never be measured in the mirror.  Learn how to make peace with your body so you can: 

  • be present in your life
  • spend your time, energy, money, and brain space on what really matters to you
  • create a legacy of body acceptance



Nicole C. Ayers offers two transformative keynotes to impact every aspect of your life. 

Keynote 1

Make Peace with Your Body So You Can Be Present in Your Life

You miss the memory-making moments when you’re more worried about how you look than who you’re with or what you’re doing. But it’s not just the memory-making moments that are lost when you’re striving for somebody else’s version of a “good” body. You miss out on your life. 

In this session, Nicole will guide participants through the three-part framework—Awaken. Heal. Live.—so they can live their lives with presence and intention. She’ll provide strategies that can be implemented immediately, along with personal insights and gracious encouragement, so that participants will feel empowered to step onto the body-acceptance path.

Learning Objectives:
  • Define what body acceptance is
  • Debunk body-acceptance misconceptions
  • Awaken to your personal relationship with your body
  • Discover and practice healing strategies to mend that relationship
  • Focus on showing up for the life you want
  • Explore the benefits of being at peace with your body

Keynote 2

Mama, You’ve Gotta Do the Work: a Legacy of Body Acceptance

Everyday, often unintentionally, you’re creating a legacy of body acceptance or body shame. You may tell your loved ones that what’s on their inside is more important than what’s on their outside, but unless you’re showing them how to accept their bodies, as they are, then your message sounds like hypocrisy. 

In this session, Nicole illustrates why you must make peace with your own body so you can show your loved ones how to be accepting of theirs.  

Learning Objectives:
  • Discover why it’s critical to teach others how to embrace their bodies
  • Compare how your behaviors match your messages about body acceptance
  • Develop effective strategies to make peace with your own body that you can implement right away
  • Learn the benefits of creating a body-acceptance legacy
  • Acquire actionable tips to help your loved ones begin to accept their bodies

All keynotes can be customized to meet audience needs. 

 Keynotes can be delivered in person or virtually. 


Nicole C. Ayers offers customized workshops to meet the needs of your event.


Make Peace with Your Body

Nicole offers an interactive workshop to guide participants through the three-step framework: Awaken. Heal. Live. Through playful and engaging activities, participants will be supported as they dive into their current relationships with their bodies. They’ll leave the workshop with a new appreciation for their bodies and a clear plan for how they want to make peace with them. 

Learning Objectives:
  • Awaken to your current relationship with your body
  • Get curious about your body beliefs
  • Create a treasure chest of healing strategies to make peace with your body
  • Practice several healing strategies in session, including a gentle movement practice
  • Learn how to move through the hard moments of body acceptance
  • Discover the relationship you want to have with your body
  • Develop a map for your body-acceptance journey

The workshop can be customized to meet participant needs. 

Half-Day and Full-Day Options 


The Self-Care workshop provided by Nicole C. Ayers was filled with content that was meaningful and useful. Our staff was able to immediately apply the learned concepts to their personal lives, which resulted in an emotional awakening for some. We highly recommend.  

~Shaguana Hunt, Executive Director, Raise a Child Carolinas

If you’re looking for someone who is delivering great content, Nicole is a dynamic speaker. Her way of teaching love for the body is both powerful and playful. We need her more than ever. We need to heal our relationship to our bodies! 

~Molly Purvines

We had Nicole speak at Poised, The Event. Nicole was well spoken, engaging and the feedback received was that the attendees loved her content and connection. I was so impressed, I asked her to come to our next event as well!

If you are looking for someone who is delivering great content and is captivating at the same time, I highly recommend you get Nicole on your schedule NOW.  

~Lianne Hofer, Founder of Poised Event

Nicole was such a joy and light to have at my Social event as the featured speaker. When she speaks about her journey it is obvious that it is heartfelt and genuine while also very relatable to all women. She’s very wonderful to work with as well as she is super responsive and supportive with whatever she can help with! Her books are gorgeous, every part of them from the words to the illustrations and feelings they give you. Nicole is a true delight in every aspect and I can’t wait to have her speak again at a future event! 

~Kacey Laird, Founder of Ladies Lifestyle Network

Nicole was a speaker for my company’s monthly Culture Club meeting on Google Meets. She was very easy to communicate with leading up to the event, prompt in her time arriving early to discuss any details before it started, and had no technical difficulties. 

Nicole shared her framework for working on self-love with your body and also was able to relate it to how we might apply the framework with our health-coaching clients as well.  

She did an excellent job engaging everyone in a virtual environment (which is not always an easy task) and gave thoughtful and meaningful responses to questions at the end.  

I would recommend Nicole for any virtual or in-person speaking experience, or even an interactive workshop. 

~Morgan Holben, Fitbit Health Coach for Carenet Health 

When she speaks about her journey, it is obvious that Nicole C. Ayers is a compassionate gifted speaker who is comfortable in her skin and offers relatable guidance about how to embrace ourselves, one body part at a time.    A huge thank you for her time speaking to our Active Older Adult Group at the Harris YMCA.     With her honest delivery of her story, Nicole seemed make a connection to each participant.  Whether it’s aging or injury, Nicole guided our group to find acceptance and love for our bodies for all the wonders that they do provide. Nicole reminded us that even in the midst of an unwanted diagnosis, we can make peace with our bodies, offer compassion, kindness, and caring, focusing on the things that are truly wonderful about ourselves.   Her book offerings and newsletter are a wonderful take away to continue on a journey of loving acceptance with a simple shift in our perspective. 

~Jane Hoagland, Active Older Adult Coordinator, Harris YMCA