Find 1 Thing of Joy in Your Body

Take a baby step on your body-acceptance path and find 1 thing of joy with your body.

Hi, I’m Nicole C. Ayers and I teach folks how to make peace with their bodies. Today I have a really simple invitation that will help you inspire more positive feelings about your body. It’s so easy to shame our bodies, to hate on our bodies because that’s what we’re used to doing. So it can take some practice to start inviting in some compassion with our bodies or to find things we like.

I’ve asked women before, “What do you like about your body?” And they haven’t been able to answer me without a lot of thought. And sometimes even after a lot of thought, they haven’t had answers. And so I want to give you a practice that will allow you to find something you like about your body.

And it’s just this. What is one thing that you enjoy?

So maybe it is nail [00:01:00] polish, and you could paint your nails or your toenails. You could maybe play with makeup if that’s your jam. My daughter just bought some blue mascara, and it was really fun watching her play with that. Maybe it’s getting a great pair of earrings and loving the way that they dangle. Maybe you dye your hair.

Maybe it’s not really so much something that you can see, but it it’s something that you feel. Maybe there’s a lotion that you love to rub on your arms or hands and give yourself a little massage. Maybe it’s a workout, and you can really enjoy how you feel after that workout when all your endorphins are firing.

So that is my invitation. Think about one thing that could bring you some joy in your body and just really revel in it. Relish how you feel that enjoyment. [00:02:00] Let yourself be joyful with your body. Just this one little thing.

And I promise it gets easier because after you find one thing to celebrate about your body, to enjoy about your body, to appreciate or be grateful for, then you can find a second thing, and then maybe a third.

And then someday this becomes a practice that’s really easy for you. So if someone says, “What do you like about your body?” You have all sorts of answers. All right, until next time, take good care.