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Learning My Body’s Unique Language

Part of my journey to accept and love my body was a promise to listen to her. There were a lot of years when I ignored her distress signals. And there were plenty of times when I’d ignored her for so long that I couldn’t even hear her anymore. Her cries were camouflaged by the cacophony of my life.

It was easier to ignore my body than attend to her because I didn’t want to confront all the uncomfortable feelings that arose when I did spend time thinking about her.

Creating a relationship with my body has forced me to excavate her voice so that I can hear her even when she whispers now.

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5 Ways to Love Your Body Today

You can show your body love, even if you don’t actually love your body. Acting in a kind, compassionate, gentle way toward your body is a way to offer your body respect and acceptance. And it’s a powerful practice because when you act loving, you often shift your mindset, which will impact your relationship with your body.

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Dear Voice,

You were glorious and steady and strong. You said everything I wanted you to say, and you were magnificent. I am so proud of you, so proud of us.

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Dear Creativity,

The creative-process phases, as I see them (based on the work of many other creative souls who’ve documented their own phases):
Everything is wonderful. I am wonderful.
Hmmm, this is harder than I expected.
Wow, this sucks.
I suck.
It’s still bad, but I think I can work with it.
This is wrapping up nicely. I might even be proud of it.
Hot damn, I’m finished. It just might be wonderful. Even if it’s not, it’s enough. I am enough.

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I Am My Body

The phrase “you are not your body” is meant to remind us that our worth and value have nothing to do with our physical bodies. So true. We are inherently worthy.

But this phrase makes me cringe because I actually am my body. And my body is me.

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Dear Forearms,

The sensation created a synesthetic crackling that reverberated in my body. And of course, it’s left you tender and bruised. And also looser. And healing.

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