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My Awakening, Part 4

I took a Women’s Studies course in college, where I experienced one of my first “awakening” moments. Yep, your math is right. I spent years, decades really, in the Awakening stage.

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My Awakening, Part 3

Ripples. That was the working title of the book I never actually wrote.
When life events, both global and personal, smell worse than a fish-market dumpster fire, it’s easy to feel hopeless. Paralyzed, even. When things are so bad, what’s the point of trying to make the world a better place? What can one person actually do?

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My Awakening, Part 2

Content Warning: This post is about sexual assault. It’s okay to skip this one if you need to.

2016 was a year that shook me relentlessly to wake up. The contentious political landscape assaulted my senses every day, and I couldn’t look away. Then one morning in October, an old video of presidential candidate Trump bragging about grabbing women surfaced. I experienced a seismic shift in my body. I knew exactly what it felt like to have a brazen stranger-danger man grab me in the most intimate place without permission.

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My Awakening, Part 1

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to wrangle my memories about the most vivid events that sparked my awakening. Because I tend to write the stories that are the loudest when I sit at my desk, this retelling will not be in chronological order.

Part 1 – The Dream

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On Losing Weight and Diets

My feelings about weight loss are simple and complex.

Simple: It’s your body. You make the decisions for your body. Your decision to lose weight (or not) is none of my business. The end.

Complex: Diet culture sucks and 95 percent of diets fail.

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Offer Your Body a Sensory Moment

One of the go-to strategies I share with women who want to offer their bodies more acceptance is to create a sensory moment. Engaging the senses is a powerful way to connect with your body.
Notice I said “moment.” This is meant to be something you can do quickly to reconnect with your body, self-soothe, or offer yourself love, even if you aren’t feeling very loving.

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