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Dear Creativity,

The creative-process phases, as I see them (based on the work of many other creative souls who’ve documented their own phases):
Everything is wonderful. I am wonderful.
Hmmm, this is harder than I expected.
Wow, this sucks.
I suck.
It’s still bad, but I think I can work with it.
This is wrapping up nicely. I might even be proud of it.
Hot damn, I’m finished. It just might be wonderful. Even if it’s not, it’s enough. I am enough.

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I Am My Body

The phrase “you are not your body” is meant to remind us that our worth and value have nothing to do with our physical bodies. So true. We are inherently worthy.

But this phrase makes me cringe because I actually am my body. And my body is me.

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Dear Forearms,

The sensation created a synesthetic crackling that reverberated in my body. And of course, it’s left you tender and bruised. And also looser. And healing.

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Dear Cervix

You’re an integral part of me, but I haven’t wanted much to do with you. Yet I find myself oddly grateful for you during this time of self-isolation.

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It’s More Important Than Ever to Love on Ourselves

Encouraging women—ALL who identify as women—to accept, respect, and even love their bodies is more critical than ever.

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