Offer Your Body a Sensory Moment

One of the go-to strategies I share with women who want to offer their bodies more acceptance is to create a sensory moment. Engaging the senses is a powerful way to connect with your body.

Notice I said “moment.” This is meant to be something you can do quickly to reconnect with your body, self-soothe, or offer yourself love, even if you aren’t feeling very loving.


Self-touch is my favorite way to create a sensory moment when I need a nurturing boost. I may wrap my arms around my body and squeeze. Or gently massage my scalp. Or hold my face with both hands, close my eyes, and take a breath.

But if you have experienced trauma, self-touch may not be soothing at all. If you’re resistant, honor your body and find another way to create a sensory moment.

You could experience touch by snuggling under a weighted blanket for a few minutes or sipping a warm drink and paying attention to how the warmth slides down your throat into your tummy. You could also step outside and feel sunlight sinking into your skin or notice a breeze that flirts with your hair.

Engage Your Other Senses

You can also get out of your head and into your body by engaging one of your other senses. Whenever I’m trying to pay attention to a sense other than sight, I close my eyes to help me focus. Give it a try, but again, if that’s not comfortable, you could try a fuzzy gaze or pick one spot to look at.

 Suggestions to Spark Ideas:

1. Step outside. Find a spot to sit and close your eyes. Spend one minute cataloging all the sounds you hear.

2. Eat something with a strong flavor or texture (a piece of fruit or candy or a chip). Slowly chew and notice the sensations in your mouth.

3. Place a few drops of an essential oil on your wrist and inhale the scent.

4. Find something that you find beautiful and give yourself a minute to gaze at it.

5. Play a song that fits your mood.

6. Take three slow, deep breaths and notice any sensations in your body as you breathe.