You Don’t Have to Love Your Body

Loving and hating your body are two extremes. You don’t have to move from hating your body to loving it.

Hi, I’m Nicole C. Ayers, and we’re gonna have a car chat today because some of the best conversations happen in the car. What we’re gonna talk about is you loving your body.

So here it is, a gigantic neon pink billboardesque permission slip that says you don’t have to love your body.

Now, in my utopia, you are going to think your body is magnificent and your love for her, for your body, is just gonna pour out of you. But it’s okay if you don’t feel love for your body.

Being on this body acceptance path, or maybe you’re aiming for some body neutrality, or maybe you just wanna stop hating your body–none of that means you have to love your body. So hear me when I tell you that you don’t have to buy into this toxic positivity or bypass all the hard emotions you might be carrying about your body.

You can still offer your body compassion, respect, gentleness, kindness, even if you don’t love your body. That’s all I’ve got for today. Take good care.