A Review of Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls

This show is reality TV at its finest.

When Lizzo needed dancers for her 2022 tour, talent agencies weren’t sending her dancers in larger bodies. So she set out to find her own dancers. The show follows thirteen dancers who hope to dance onstage with Lizzo.

Watching each episode brought me so much joy, and I think Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls is worth watching for many reasons.

Here’s a handful in case you need some persuasion to watch:

  1. Lizzo! She is an iconic, powerful, talented, radiant woman doing the work that she was put on this earth to do.
  2. The dancing! These women can move. And the behind-the-scenes peeks at how much work goes into learning choreography and how much stamina is necessary to perform gave me a greater appreciation for dancers everywhere.
  3. The encouragement! Lizzo, every member of her team, and every person she brought in to work with the contenders oozed encouragement. They believed in these women, and they used their words to build them up. Even when they were offering critiques, they did so in a loving manner.
  4. The surprises! In pretty much all reality TV shows, someone is eliminated in every episode. But not this time. Lizzo makes her own rules, and she gives these women space to grow and learn and improve.
  5. The emotion! I’m pretty sure I cried in every episode. Many were happy tears because it was so moving to watch women drop their body shame and embrace their worth.
  6. The empowerment! Lizzo invested in these women as whole human beings, not just in their dancing abilities. Whether they made it on tour with her or not, she wanted each of them to claim their personal power, and she offered them some amazing opportunities to untangle some of their limiting beliefs.
  7. The sisterhood! These women lifted each other up. They helped one another. They held space for each other. They shared their hearts. There was no room on the show for anyone looking to tear others down.

Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls is available on Amazon Prime. If you don’t have Prime, find a friend who does. Then booty-shake your way to the TV and sink into the couch for some delight.