How Can Making Peace with Your Body Transform Your Life?

Life transformation is a bold claim. So bold it sounds almost trite. Or if not trite, then so broad that its vagueness seems almost meaningless.

But I’m willing to double down on the belief that making peace with your body will transform every aspect of your life. If you let it. If you allow it.

You will never find me belly up to a blackjack table because I’m the worst kind of gambler. Slot machines make me dizzy, and the first time I played poker in a casino setting, I lost $100 in eight minutes. So when I tell you that I’m willing to double down on my belief that you can transform your life, I mean it. I’m not willing to play poker, but I’m 100 percent willing to bet on you.

So what kind of life transformation am I talking about?

When you make peace with your body, you’ll experience some ground-shaking shifts that will forever alter your perspective. You’ll also make a million tiny changes that will slowly complete your metamorphosis over time.

And where in your life will these transformations take place?


Specifically, you may transform:

  • your romantic relationship
  • how you “money”
  • your professional persona
  • your friendships
  • how you worship or practice spiritual beliefs
  • what you buy and where you spend your money
  • the language you use to describe yourself and others
  • how you parent
  • your creative endeavors
  • your style
  • your self-care
  • your beauty practices
  • your travel
  • the way you move
  • the conversations you’re willing to have (or not have)
  • how you set boundaries

When exactly do these transformations take place?

Not all at once, thank goodness. Transformation is often a slow burn. And you probably won’t experience shifts in every part of your life at the same time. You have to build your capacity to sit with the discomfort of change.

How do some examples sound?

In this next essay series, I’ll walk you through some of my own life transformations to help spark your imagination about what transformation could look like for you when you begin the liberating work of making peace with your body.