You Gotta Do the Work, Mama

How do we help our young women and girls to grow up without body shame? Hey, loves! I’m Nicole C. Ayers. Welcome to the Love Notes to My Body Community. We’re going to have some chat time today. Every time I talk to folks about making peace with their bodies, somebody asks me: “How do […]

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My Awakening, Part 1

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to wrangle my memories about the most vivid events that sparked my awakening. Because I tend to write the stories that are the loudest when I sit at my desk, this retelling will not be in chronological order.

Part 1 – The Dream

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Gratitude for My Body (2021)

A gratitude series focused on the wonders of my body

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Dear Cellulite,

I hate that people use you to humiliate women when textured skin is a really normal part of being human.

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Write Love Notes to Your Body

Writing love notes to my body was my entry onto the body-acceptance path. I knew I wanted a different relationship with my body, but I had no idea how to get started.

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On Losing Weight and Diets

My feelings about weight loss are simple and complex.

Simple: It’s your body. You make the decisions for your body. Your decision to lose weight (or not) is none of my business. The end.

Complex: Diet culture sucks and 95 percent of diets fail.

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