Wild Soul Wisdom

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What is Wild Soul Wisdom?

In Wild Soul Wisdom, you’ll use movement and breath to learn to connect with and listen to your body. You’ll use mantras to reprogram and empower the mind. And you’ll use meditation to cultivate inner peace.

During the opening and closing circles, you’ll use your voice to connect with women, with real stuff going on, and practice appreciation of community, trust, and truth.

Wild Soul Wisdom allows you to:
  • rest your mind
  • move your body simply for the joy of being in motion
  • experience emotions and move them through your body
  • be curious about your body’s messages
  • practice trusting your body again
  • connect with other women
  • offer yourself compassion
What’s different about Wild Soul Wisdom from other movement practices is this is less about you doing it “correctly,” and more about you coming home to yourself.

How Can I Experience a Wild Soul Wisdom Session?

Nicole offers private Wild Soul Wisdom experiences for individuals and small groups in person and online.

An individual experience is perfect for when you want to allow your body to help your heart heal or when you want to nourish your soul with a soothing respite.

Wild Soul Wisdom is a unique gathering idea that will make you the event-planning favorite with your loved ones. Perfect for:
  • birthdays
  • girls’ night “in”
  • showers
  • bridal parties
  • girls’ trips
  • milestone celebrations
  • gifts for moms, daughters, sisters, and friends

What Do You Need for a Wild Soul Wisdom Class?

Wild Soul Wisdom is more of a “work in” than a “work out.” And it’s a nourishing way to reconnect with your body. You deserve the time to care for yourself. ❤️

You need:
  • link to join
  • about an hour, maybe a little more
  • an exercise mat or blanket (if most comfortable in a chair, that’s A-OK)
  • a bottle of water
  • a journal (optional)
As for the practice, you’ll notice some elements that may be familiar to other practices you’ve done before, like stretching, yoga poses, and other basic exercises.

Remember, this is your practice. You decide which movements feel good and which ones don’t. You’ll be offered movement options, and you’re always encouraged to do what is best for you and your body.

In terms of what to expect, each WSW session is different, so there’s no right or wrong way to be or show up. Let any thoughts and emotions come up and pass however they need to, and whatever your experience is will be totally perfect for you.

Who is Wild Soul Wisdom for?

  • Women who want to dive into the depths of self-care
  • Women who thrive in community with other women
  • Women who are ready to reclaim their connection to their bodies
  • Women who need a gentle movement practice to complement their more strenuous exercise routines
  • Women who want to move their bodies in ways that feel good, for the sake of moving, without trying to lose weight or get in shape

Why Learn from Nicole?

Not long after I began writing Love Notes to My Body, I discovered Wild Soul Wisdom, and I fell in love with it as another way to connect to my body and to gently care for her. It created space for me to unlearn all the hurtful lessons I’d been taught about how my body “should” look or move, and to celebrate my body just as she is. Wild Soul Wisdom served as rocket fuel for my healing and liberation. 

I became a teacher of WSM so I can gather women and girls so that they, too, can begin to listen to and create their own relationships with their bodies. So they can be free. 

Other Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Wild Soul Wisdom class like?
    • We’ll begin with a focus on our breathing. I’ll introduce the mantra. Then I’ll guide you through a movement sequence, followed by a rest. We’ll end the practice with time to reflect, journal, and share anything on our hearts.
    • You can preview the movement practice with this video: Click Here
  2. Do I have to get “wild”?
    • Only if you want to. The “wild” in Wild Soul Wisdom refers to the authentic you, the part of you that hasn’t been tamed by society’s expectations. WSW helps you reconnect to your true self.
  3. Do I have to practice with my camera on?
    • Nope. It’s wonderful to see your face during the opening and closing circles, but you’re always welcome to practice with your camera off. This practice is for you, so do what makes you most comfortable.
  4. Can I try a class?
    • Yes! Nicole offers free community classes that all women are welcome to attend. Nicole shares the class information with the Love Notes newsletter family, so be sure you’ve signed up to join them.
  5. What is the history of Wild Soul Wisdom?
    • Wild Soul Wisdom was created by Elizabeth DiAlto in 2014. Her work centers around teaching women about the sacred body, and she does that through embodiment work. Fun fact: Wild Soul Wisdom and Nicole share a birthday!