Dear Bladder,

I am making a commitment to you that I will pee just as soon as I feel your first tingle. I will no longer ask you to wait until you’re uncomfortable. There is no need to create stress for you and my pelvic-floor muscles.

I realize that emptying you is a simple way I can love on myself. It’s also such good practice for me to pay more attention to Body’s subtle communication. I don’t want to make you scream for my attention.

I’m sorry for all those years that I held you past good reason. Taking a break to relieve you while teaching always felt tricky. Leaving a class of kiddos unsupervised is never a good idea, but why didn’t I ask my teacher neighbors to keep an eye on them more often? Here’s another way I hurt myself because I’ve struggled to ask for help.  

Making you wait for hours sounds so silly, especially because I preached at my daughters, when they were potty training (and after), to go as soon as you nudged them. So here’s my promise to you: I will pee just as soon as you tell me too. Even if it’s inconvenient, like on a road trip or in the grocery store. You’re worth it!

Artwork by Mica Gadhia